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Science of Winter Olympics

Let it snow, let it snow! The Winter Olympics are here! What a wonderful time to bring a bit of snow and science into your classroom. Try these fantastic resources to help you highlight the ways in which athletes are able to push themselves faster and higher than ever before.

06 02 14

BioLAB meets Sunrise

We enjoyed an early morning BioCATS session at Simonds Stadium with Roslyn Primary School students and Channel 7's Sunrise Program.

06 12 13

BioLAB meets the PM

In the excitement of Geelong's football match under lights, Director Yvonne Van Der Ploeg and Belmont High School Principal Garry Schultz had the wonderful opportunity to speak briefly with Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

05 06 13

BioLearning with a TWIST!

The Geelong Cats and BioLAB are set to launch an exciting new educational program aimed at grade five and six students focused on the science and maths of football.  

03 06 13

BioLAB welcomes 2013

Its the start of a brand new school year and we can't wait to see you! BioLAB begins its second year of operation and the team are ready and raring to go!

21 01 13

Our 2012 Report Card

BioLAB's 2012 Report Card is HOT off the press! We have compiled a summary of the teacher and student quotes and feedback received throughout 2012.

06 12 12

Happy 1st Birthday BioLAB

BioLAB has recently celebrated its first birthday! Its been a full year of inspiring and engaging science and maths at BioLAB with approximately 10,000 school students, parents, teachers, and community visitors experiencing our unique brand of "science and maths with a winning edge!" 

30 11 12

Equipping the Weekend Warrior

BioLAB has proudly hosted Dr Paul Collins for Deakin Week. Dr Collins presented a wonderful session called: Boardshorts under the microscope: The Rise of Sports Technology. This session gave an overview of sports technology research and development currently in progress at Deakin University and how companies like Quiksilver are involved with developing the next level of performance equipment not only for the elite athlete but also for the weekend warrior.

04 09 12
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