Acute Effects of Exercise, Physiology, Data Analysis

  • The Human Machine

  • This program utilises the centre's leading edge technologies such as ergometers, data loggers, physiological sensors and our Deakin Human Performance Laboratory to explore the acute effects of exercise, homeostasis and the science of human performance.

    Students learn experientially, immersing themselves in a range of physiological tests including respiratory, cardio-vascular and muscular measurements to explore the human body's acute response to exercise. Students gather their primary data and create a scientific presentation to communicate their findings to the class group. 


    • Key Themes: Physiology, Sport Science, Homeostasis, Data Analysis, Graphing and communication of scientific results.

    • Suitable for: Yr 9 - VCE (PE Unit 1-4)

    • Program Duration: 2 hours

    • Maximum class size: 28