Biotechnology techniques, genetic manipulation, gene doping

  • The Sprinters Gene


    Ready, Set, GO! This program is a unique introduction to the concepts of genetic diversity, analysis and manipulation.

    Students use cutting edge biotechnology equipment to investigate the presence of the ACTN3 gene (Sprinters Gene) in athletes.

    Students work in small groups with our BioLAB mentors and get hands on experience with the applications of biotechnology in our Molecular Biology Laboratory.


    This program covers content that can be used for the following SACS:

    1) An investigation using a DNA tool or manipulation technique.

    2) A response to an issue related to human intervention in evolutionary processes.


    Key Themes:Biotechnology manipulation techniques, genetic diversity, gene transformation and genetic manipulation. 


    Suitable for Years: VCE Biology (Unit 4)

    Program Duration: 4.5hrs (Full Day)

    Maximum class size: 24