BioLAB – The Victorian BioScience Education Centre has been providing specialist educational programs to students and teachers in Victoria since November 2011. We are one of six specialist science and mathematics centres in Victoria. We are a statewide resource and any school in Victoria can book into our programs and facilities.

What we do..

BioLAB hosts over 13,000 people through our specialist programs each year - students, teachers, and community participants!

Our aim is to engage and inspire the next generation in science and mathematics using innovative technologies and techniques. Our programs are themed using Sport and Human Performance and are linked to AusVELS. We build our unique experiences around a number of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics career pathways.

We cater for primary through to VCE students accommodating different stages of learning and ability with a special focus on disadvantaged and rural schools.

How we do it..

BioLAB programs are intentionally cross curricular and are designed to cater for more than just Science and Mathematics classes! Our programs have been successfully integrated into learning areas such as Physical Education, Health, Design & Technology and English. We are able to emphasise various learning areas in each of our programs to meet individual class requirements.

There are two modes of delivery for BioLAB’s programs, onsite visits to our state of the art facility and outreach visits to your school – including physical visits and online programs.

All programs at BioLAB deliver cutting edge, engaging educational content and integrate the use of the latest ICT and AV technologies.

We offer full and half day program experiences which can encompass one or more of the programs you see in the programs page of this website.

BioLAB programs showcase the best in bioscience research and careers including focus areas such as medical, sport, and health sciences, biotechnology, materials technology and biomechanics.

Why we do it well.....

BioLAB has a talented staff team of 10 individuals; Director, Education Officers (6), Laboratory and IT Technicians and Administration Officer. This is also complimented by a number of casual and internship employment opportunities for tertiary/postgraduate students.

BioLAB is located in Belmont, Geelong and showcases the very best of the regions research, and career opportunities through hands on educational programs. It also captures the essence and energy of what makes Geelong and the wider region so special! From the backbone of groundbreaking industries, the world class scientific research at Deakin University to the rolling surf and a love for sport – BioLAB has created its programs to showcase a number of these elements and introduce you to the endless possibilities and the “Wow” factor right on our very own doorstep.

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