Recently BioLAB delivered our Alpine STEM program at Mansfield Secondary College’s Alpine campus at Mt Buller. During this program we highlighted the ways in which STEM (in particular technology and mathematics) can be used in sport science to quantify and improve athlete performance.

With perfect conditions and a great bunch of enthusiastic students and teacher to work with we were able to enjoy a fantastic three days of STEM up at the alpine campus.

During our visit students used wearable technologies; Athlete GPS tracking systems and 360 cameras to collect real time performance data and footage from their training runs. BioLAB staff worked with the students to use STEM skills to analyse and compare their results with their classmates and elite athletes. Students also were able to analyse their performance using virtual reality Oculus headsets.

Students used technology and chemistry to learn more about athlete hydration in alpine environments. They explored how different fluids can impact an athletes hydration and recovery.

Thanks to Alpine campus teacher Sam Magree for his support with this program, we look forward to seeing you and your students on the mountain next year!