This event was an after hours session that saw over 25 students from Matthew Flinders GSC, Oberon HS, Geelong High School, Clonard College, St Josephs College and St Ignatius College.

Students got to observe a field test (step test) live, with a Deakin University Exercise Phsiologist Kris Hinck taking blood lactate levels of an elite athlete, displaying data in ‘real time’.

This session was aimed at enhancing understanding of lactate inflection point, helping participating students gain the edge on their VCE Physical Education Unit 3 knowledge.Topics covered included; Metabolic by-products (Unit 3, AoS 2); Energy systems (Unit 3, AoS 2) and Exercise Science and Nutrition career pathways.

Thanks to all who participated! This session was a wonderful addition to our Study Session series for 2017.