BioCATS Update: 

BioLAB welcomes Kate Darby to BioCATS team. Kate is a current member of the Geelong Football Club VFL Womens team and a previous Carlton AFLW player. She has a Bachelor of Exercise Science and Human Movement and has had amazing experiences around the world providing students with educational programs in sports and education activities. Kate is an enthusiastic member of the BioCATS team helping to deliver the program on Mondays to students from across Victoria throughout 2018.

BioCATS is very fortunate to have the GFC first year players involved in the program throughout 2018. Tim. Lachie, Charlie and Gryan have all made a terrific impact with the students, getting involved in all BioCATS activities and answering the many inquisitive questions the students have about life as an AFL footballer.

    • Tim Kelly
    • Lachie Fogarty
    • Charlie Constable
    • Gryan Miers

We welcome this years BioCATS SEDA students to the team, Jacob and Darcie have already made a very positive impact on the program. Their enthusiasm and commitment to BioCATS has ensured we have hit the ground running in 2018!

We also congratulate the Deakin Cats Community Centre who this week hit 90,000 visitations and celebrate their 5th anniversary on Friday 1st June. It has been a pleasure working with you all and such a fantastic partnership!