The Geelong Cats and BioLAB hosted a group of Indigenous primary students and teachers from the south western Victorian region as part of the AFL Indigenous round.  Students experienced the BioCATS program which is an exciting educational program aimed at grades 5 and 6 students focused on the science and maths of football.

Geelong has a historical backbone and exciting future in scientific research and development as well as in inherent love of sport, in particular Australian Rules football. BioCATS is a marriage of these elements and builds on the natural questions that come from participating in and watching sport in the 21st century.   We explore the latest trends and technology in sport and students get the chance to experiment and explore the science and maths of football and career pathways associated with sport.

BioCATS aims to promote health and wellness alongside increasing interest and engagement in science and mathematics.   This education program is delivered in the Deakin Cats Community Centre located at Simmonds Stadium.

Students use cutting edge technology such as GPS athlete tracking and iPads to perform their own experiments and map their physiological reactions to exercise. This data is then used to introduce various learning areas of science and maths and emphasise the benefits of healthy living and exercise. We also showcase the experience of elite athletes during game day/events.

As part of today’s celebrations students and teachers experienced a very special BioCATS program which involved meeting Cats players and receiving an exclusive tour of the clubs inner sanctum.

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IMAGE ABOVE: Geelong Cats player Allen Christensen works with students to learn the various techniques used to construct Sherrin footballs.