In line with the Department of Education and Training advice and in compliance with COVID-19 precautions we have altered our operations for Term 2, 2020.

During this period all six DET Science and Mathematics Centres of Excellence will be making every effort to support schools and students with remote learning resources via online programs, and program resources. We will be contacting schools and individual teachers with information on what can be provided.

For any schools who have had their program postponed/cancelled; we will be contacting you shortly to discuss what resources and online programs we may be able to provide to assist you and your students with your remote learning.

On resumption of normal business we will endeavour to re-schedule as many of your bookings as possible, however due to the high volume of bookings in our year it is highly likely that some programs will not be able to be rescheduled. In this event, we will be giving priority to schools who have had programs cancelled in our 2021 bookings calendar.

Rest assured our Education team are working as hard as we possibly can to provide much needed support to schools in our specialist subject areas of science, mathematics and physical education and STEM education.

Thank you for your continued support of our centre.