Brain Matters is a brand new outreach program that has been launched in Term 2, 2015. This program was pilotted recently with regional Geelong schools and is now touring in Bendigo this week.

This fantastic new addition to our outreach programs list is an exploration into the wonders of the human brain and the way in which students can test and improve their cognitive skills.

Students are hands on with our cutting edge technologies which allow them to test and explore their own cognitive and reaction skills under experimental conditions. Students use scientific inquiry skills; observation, questioning, predicting and inferring, to collect their own data, compare class sets and results in an engaging and interactive environment.

The program is designed to give students a better understanding of the structure and function of the human brain and allows students to distinguish what aspects of their brain they predominately use though a range of brain training activities and a variety of exercise that will challenge their brain function.

PROGRAM KEY THEMES: Biological science, Working scientifically, Science Inquiry skills, Science as a Human endeavour, Data collection and Analysis, Scientific Communication.