BioLAB is proud to be part of the 2023-25 Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series. Over the next 3 years we have received funding to provide programs to high ability students in Victorian government schools. We will be providing the following programs that schools can book via the ARC event hub;

  • Data Detectives Wearable Technology Incursion (Years 4–6 students)
  • Sports Technology and Data Analysis (Years 7–9 students)
  • Biotechnology and Human Performance (Years 9–11 students), and
  • Genetics and Human Performance Incursion (Years 9–11 students).

More information will be published at the beginning of the 2023 school year via the ARC event hub.

Some more about the initiative;

The Victorian Challenge and Enrichment Series is a key initiative of Victoria’s Student Excellence
Program and provides enrichment opportunities across the curriculum to extend high-ability
students from Prep to Year 12 in Victorian government schools, so they are better supported to excel
and reach their full potential. The series includes a suite of face-to-face and virtual incursions and
excursions, such as workshops, tutorials, conferences, lectures, and competitions, that engage,
challenge and extend these advanced learners. Up to 100,000 places will be offered across the series
for a three-year period from January 2023 until December 2025. Across the series, activities will be
held in metropolitan Melbourne and regional areas, and will be delivered during school hours, after
school, on weekends and during school holidays.