We love food at BioLAB! We also love to showcase many different STEM career pathways that focus on human performance and sport. Today we take a look at the role of a Sports Dietitian.

Athletes fuel their body for performance and recovery. What they eat and drink is planned and considered to ensure the macronutrients (fats, protein and carbohydrates) are in appropriate proportions. Our bodies breakdown these macronutrients to produce the energy we need to think, function and play sport!

Each athlete will need different amounts of these macronutrients dependent on their sport and competition. A gymnast and diver who need to be light for their sport will eat a significantly different diet to a heavy weight boxer or weight lifter. Ensuring each individual athlete is eating the correct foods is the job of a Sports Dietitian.

Sports Dietitians work with athletes at the Australian Institute of Sport to help create nutritious and delicious recipes. They run cooking classes, have one-on-one and/or team consultations and research innovations in nutrition.

Follow the link below to find a meal approved by an AIS Sports Dietitian; fuel yourself like an elite athlete and always remember: Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.


Link to recipes: https://ais.gov.au/nutrition/recipes