Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) is all around us, this webpost takes a look at how a unique blend of STEM skills are needed to manage the turf at Australia’s largest and busiest stadium – the MCG.

Watching any sporting event at the MCG is a special experience. Whether you are at the ground or watching on television, the MCG is the home of the biggest sporting events on the Australian sporting calendar; from AFL grand finals, to cricket world cups and even the Olympic Games back in 1956!

Have you ever stopped and wondered why the turf of the MCG always looks so good? The short answer is science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM)! No matter the season or event, the turf is always the greenest of greens, cut into perfect patterns and is completely absent of the muddy patches that are often seen at local sporting clubs or even your own backyard.

The amazing turf results from a unique blend of STEM skills. From the development of a new grass product at a farm in rural Victoria, to the laying at the MCG, science, engineering and technology is intertwined with each step of the process.

This short video, by the MCG, takes you behind the closed doors of a Victorian grass farm and the mighty MCG to see the transformation of the ground from cricket to AFL.

Link to video: