It was one of Victoria’s coldest days, but that didn’t stop the BioLAB Outreach team from enjoying a trip to Myrtleford! Students in years 5-8 experienced our Fast and Curious and Beat That programs. Students had the opportunity to use cutting edge research equipment such as force plates, dataloggers, physiological sensors and timing gates to complete a range of experiments on themselves. Data was collected and will now be analysed as part of maths, health, physical education and science classes!

The visit was our first to the region and we are looking forward to plenty more! Many of the team decided to stay for the weekend and took the opportunity to enjoy the best snow conditions for 30 years, whilst also collecting GPS tracking and heart rate data on the slopes. This will be used to develop a program for next years snow season which will include investigations into materials technology, physiological adapatations and physics of snowplay.