Have you ever wondered how the athletes manage to push their bodies to the limits? Well BioLAB’s newest Outreach Program: Meet the Athlete is unlocking those secrets and lifting the lid on the science behind athlete training, equipment, and event preparation.

Both primary and secondary students now have the opportunity to meet a number of elite athletes that have been recruited to Team BioLAB for this program. Each of the athletes are able to provide a different focus and insight into their achievements.

Outreach Education Officer, Renee Lane explains, “this program is about each athlete telling their own personal story. We work with the athletes to bring out a specific focus in their story, whether it be recovery from an injury, the way they have used or in some case designed their own equipment, what it feels like to make team selection or even what its like to perform poorly at a key event. All of these stories have a scientific story behind them, the nutrition, the coaching, the training, the psychology and of course the physiology all play an important role.” says Renee.

Meet the Athlete is designed to take advantage of the video conferencing facilities that have been provided by the DEECD to a number of schools around the state. “Many of these schools are in rural areas and by utilising these new facilities it means we are able to work with a number of high profile athletes who would find it very difficult to get out to these rural areas with their busy schedules. We have worked with local and rural schools to pilot this program and have also involved the Education Minister, Martin Dixon and Vixens Netballer Madeleine Browne in a recent video conference with Nicholls Point Primary School in the Murray Darling Region (pictured above).” says Renee Lane.

If you are interested in accessing the Meet the Athlete program please contact BioLAB Education Team.