This week we celebrate National Science Week with over 400 students from the Geelong region as we take a look at biomimicry and the design process.

In partnership with Wildlife Xposure we have created a engaging STEM experience that explores the way in which scientists and engineers have used animal adaptations to create the latest in sport equipment and clothing.

Students are introduced to the way in which animals thermoregulate and the fascinating adaptations of insects, reptiles, birds and marine animals. Using scientific technology such as speed guns, thermal cameras and digital microscopes we are able to get an up close and personal look at the way in which these creatures survive.

Image above compares the difference in heat loss to the environment between humans and a Barn Owl! You will notice the Barn Owl is losing less heat due to the its downy feathers which reduce the amount of air flow near the skin surface and thereby reduce heat loss via convection. We see properties such as this replicated in the design of many types of clothing and synthetic insulation materials.

Also in National Science Week news – Yvonne was interviewed by ABC Breakfast programs Jeremy Lee this morning to discuss all things BioLAB!