A new partnership has been launched with trial Phosphate Recovery Sprint tests being conducted at BioLAB today. In a bold new experiment, Physical Education teacher Joy Carr and BioLAB Education Officer Renee Lane have joined forces to begin trialling a new BioLAB activity which sees students testing their energy systems with BioLAB’s new Fusion Sport timing gate system, Pascoe dataloggers and heart rate systems. By using cutting edge technologies students are able to get a realtime view of their bodies ability to utilise stored energy and recover from short bursts of activity.

We would like to thank Matthew Flinders GSC, in particular Joy Carr for this opportunity to join forces and create what will become a wonderful addition to BioLAB’s program calendar. We greatly appreciate your wonderful feedback Joy and look forward to welcoming you back for many more visits in the future.

If you are reading this news article and are a teacher also interested in becoming a BioLAB trial school in 2011/12 please contact us!

Feedback from Joy Carr (Year 11 PE teacher at Matthew Flinders)

Dear Renee

Thankyou so much for allowing our VCE PE class visit the Biolab today.
The amazing building, the professionalism of the staff (with yourself at the lead), your uniforms and your willingness to accommodate our activity with your technology was brilliant.
The girls were totally involved and engaged with the monitoring & timing equipment as both sport scientists and athletes, which put a keen sense of reality to their learning.
No longer were we seeing laboratory styled sport investigative work on DVDs and in text books, we were living it.
It was an insight for them to observe the personal as well as the specialist equipment that is involved with sports testing.

To you specifically Renee, I really appreciate the effort and time you took personally to ensure that this activity was specifically designed to our work on the energy systems and recovery through interval testing. You spent time marrying the equipment you have to compliment our task & collated professional data  for us to take away. Your preparation in having everything ready to fire as soon as we set foot in the Biolab was very much noted and appreciated. Seamless transition between activities is due to your preparation not good luck. It will be interesting to see the discussions we can have with the data collected.
It was an inspiring visit for our year 11s and will switch them on to the science behind sport as a real and now tangible concept. Your high energy, “switched on” educative role was fantastic, both staff and students felt valued and included.

Thanks again from the year 11 PE dreamteam of MFGSC.

Joy Carr