The Science of Cheating

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Since the beginning of sporting competitions athletes have been trying to find the edge. This program uses STEM investigations to explore the different methods athletes have used to get the advantage in sport.
Students are challenged to use mathematical reasoning; scientific testing; and scientific literacy skills to explore shoe technology; sports doping; mechanical advantage and discover many weird and wonderful stories of successful and foiled cheating attempts in between!
Learning Intention:
To explain how scientific techniques are used to investigate illegal performance enhancing strategies.

Success Criteria:

  • Describe the technology used to identify cheating athletes.
  • Identify the dependent variable in a range of tests.
  • Display qualitive and quantitative data.

Students will:

  • Complete a range of different scientific investigations.
  • Interpret qualitive and quantitative data.
  • Select appropriate visual displays for qualitative and quantitative data.

Program suitability

Years 5-6

Program duration

2 Hours

Class size

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