We are always on the look out for new and interesting technology that relates to our programs. In this insight we have featured the development of new technology which may see us being able to use our phones to perform the DNA screening for different sporting genes!  This New Scientist Technology article links to the content in our Coded for Success and Sprinters Gene programs.

Using this new technology users simply buy a ten dollar attachment and add a drop of blood to test for a range of DNA disorders and viral diseases on their phone. Whilst they are not looking at sporting genes yet the tests are similar and it’s highly likely that different versions of this app would allow you to test to see if you have the Sprinters Gene – a variation of the ACTN3 gene.

The greatest barrier to allowing the general public access to this technology is the lack of a genetic councillor to explain the test results to you but it’s not too hard to envision that this could soon become an online service as well.

Click here to read more in the New Scientist Article: Pocket-sized device tests DNA in blood samples for genetic conditions : by Alice Klein; New Scientist TECHNOLOGY 22 April 2020.