BioLAB and Deakin recently teamed up to deliver a hands on teacher professional development experience for VCE Biology teachers on November 23rd.
This teacher professional development was designed to increase teacher knowledge in biotechnology and ethics relevant to VCE Biology.
Participants from schools around the region worked with BioLAB staff and current Deakin Research Scientists to extract, amplify (via PCR) and analyse (via gel electrophoresis) their own DNA.
Teachers also learnt about the latest research involving CRISPR in Geelong,  furthered their understanding of Indigenous biology knowledge and participated in a workshop run by the Deakin Ethics Committee.

Feedback from participants has been fantastic with many rating the experience as a highly valuable experience to get hands on with research level biotechnology, gain a better understanding of difficult concepts in the VCE Biology curriculum and also a wonderful opportunity to hear about the inspirational science that is occurring at Deakin within the Geelong region.

A very big thankyou to Deakin staff;  Jess Saunter; Prof. Tania de Koning-Ward; Prof. Alister Ward; and Dr. Jacqueline Savard for their wonderful contributions to the day.