Staff from twelve schools across the region attended our third Teacher Professional Development Series workshop which focused on Fuel Utilisation and Physiological Testing.

The workshop included;

  • Live VO2 Max test, utilising our state of the art $60,000 metamax system – with our resident athlete Luke Haines recording a result of 72ml/kg/min.
  • Fuel Utilisation: Fat v’s Carbohydrate (live data analysis) and the changes to fuel contribution as exercise intensity increases.
  • Oxygen consumption at rest, during exercise and throughout recovery.

Staff were taken through practical applications of primary data analysis relevant to the classroom.

All staff had a fantastic night, with plenty of fun and laughter throughout the event.

 Here is some wonderful feedback we recieved from delegates: 

“We LOVED it – was a fantastic PD and one that was very useful for our teaching both in terms of the theoretical side as well as providing learning activities. Thank you so much for the opportunity.” 

“It was wonderful to be able to attend such high quality PD locally, maximising the amazing facilities of Biolab and Deakin plus the expertise of the staff at both.
Love the Biolab staff – engaging, clear, deep subject knowledge, approachable.” 


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