Wearable technology is one of the exciting new frontiers of STEM innovation. From exoskeletons, to online heart surgery, the future of wearable technology is emerging quickly to help improve human lives. One of the most amazing examples of wearable technology already in use is something that many of us have already began to take for granted. The smart phones in our pockets are a wearable technology that is constantly collecting data about the way we live our lives. Google has recently released location data sets, collected from user’s mobile device, to compare the movement of humans throughout the Coronavirus lockdown. The data shows humans movement before, during and after the lockdown in shops, homes, parks, transport and office buildings. The ABC have collated the data to represent and compare human movement in different states and territories. Follow the link below to take a look at some of these fascinating mathematical visual representations. Take a minute to consider how many STEM jobs have been created to allow the collection of these incredible data sets. This gives you an appreciation of why STEM jobs are going to so important in the future. Check the BioLAB program guide if your school is interested in learning more about wearable technology.

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