South Geelong Primary students and staff recently experienced a full day visit to BioLAB and participated in the popular “Beat That” program and our latest hands on laboratory program “What Makes Me Tick”.

Thanks for a great visit South Geelong we look forward to seeing you again sometime soon!

Below is some of the student feedback from South Geelong.

“We went to the Biolab and learnt cool things about DNA and that a whale’s heart is as big as a small car.”

“I learnt that Sports Scientists are responsible for bringing the footy players off the field when they have a really high heart rate.  The players are hooked up to a GPS device which gives all their stats.”

“We all received one test tube containing ‘Muscle Man’ (AKA Jim) to find out if he was real.We massaged, filtered, added a kind of soap, lightly mixed it and fished out some DNA with a hooked skewer.  It was very interesting.”

“We were able to look at different types of muscles and their functions.  We tested our grip strength and identified the muscles we used.  We also looked at cells and their composition.  Did you know we leave cells on everything we touch?”