Our 2018 Student Study Session Series has concluded with our latest workshop: Athlete Performance – The Science for Success.This session attracted over 32 students from 12 different schools in the region.

Harry Taylor and George Horlin-Smith athletes from the Geelong Football Club were present for this session and provided students with insights, real life science application and experiences in elite sport settings.

Students were able to gain first-hand insight and work with the players on athlete training, hydration, nutrition, recovery and rehabilitation. Both Harry and George, combined with BioLAB Education Officers Cam and Renee bring a wonderful dynamic to this session with many personal experiences shared throughout – a fantastic opportunity for all involved!

The program covered the following areas and students spent 40mins within each of the below focus areas;

  • Hydration and Nutrition for Performance
  • Training Methods and Chronic Adaptations to Training
  • Exercise Science and Nutrition Career Pathways

Student Feedback:

“Very enjoyable engaging and interactive, everyone was lovely and cheerful which made the experience even better. It also gave me a practical insight into the nutritional and hydration requirements for exercise which helped me to develop a deeper understanding of the science behind performance”

Matthew Flinders Girls Secondary College Student.