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Each resource has been designed to be a discrete learning task that can be completed by students in approximately 1-1.5 hours.  Some VCE resources are a little more comprehensive and have been designed to address specific outcomes and key knowledge areas within the identified unit of study. Our resources are designed to be easily uploaded to your school learning management system (Compass or similar) and downloaded by students. Resources can be downloaded in two different file formats: Digital (Word docx) or Printable (pdf).

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Vertical Limit is an engaging maths resource which introduces the Standing Vertical Jump Test which measures the height a player can jump in the air and the results help us to predict a players ability to mark, tap, and defend the ball during a match. Patrick Dangerfield talks students through the testing protocol and after completing the test, students will analyse their results and compare vertical jump height to their classmates and the Cats Players!

This new resource is aimed at supporting Year 5/6 students apply their mathematical skills to real world scenarios.

This resource consists of the Student Workbook and Video – links to both are included below.

Introducing METRIC ME! our latest instalment from our BioCATS remote learning resources.

Metric Me! is an introduction to bio-metric measurement and the use of mathematics in determining physical advantage in sport. Students will be able to use calculations, tables and graphs to compare their biomentric measurements with Geelong Cats star Patrick Dangerfield.

To use this resource get students to watch the Metric Me video introduction with Patrick Dangerfield and complete their own measurements and analysis using the workbook.

Learning Intention

To be able to use your mathematics skills to collect, analyse and interpret biometric data.

Success Criteria

  • Collect and record primary data
  • Collect and record secondary data
  • Analyse and interpret data
  • Identify ways in which mathematics is used in AFL Football.
  • Use tables and column graphs to represent data

More about the BioCATS Program

The BioCATS program is all about maths and science with a healthy edge!

Each activity developed under the BioCATS brand provides a unique insight into the application of maths and science skills using real life scenarios from the Geelong Football Club.
Our educational experiences are themed with physical activity and the wonders of the human body to engage students in a unique learning environment and emphasise the importance of healthy body, healthy mind.

This partnership program was design ed in 2012 by BioLAB: The Victorian BioScience Education Centre in partnership with the Geelong Football Club. It has been successfully delivered to over 10,000 Victorian primary school students from the Deakin Cats Community Centre at GMHBA stadium.

The BioCATS program is proudly supported by Bisinella.

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