The Next Level Digi Tech Conference occurred on May 18th and involved 130 students and staff from 14 schools around the Geelong region. The event was run by Geelong Digital Learning Network in partnership with BioLAB. It was a fantastic day of hands on digital learning and technology with many of the regions most talented teachers providing digital learning experiences for students and staff across a broad range of areas (robotics, coding, programming and development). BioLAB proudly hosted one of these workshops which explored the use of different types of digital technology to test and monitor the effects of exercise on reaction time.

This event was part of the exciting 2018 partnership between BioLAB and the Geelong Digital Learning Network (GDLN), which has been created to connect and support teachers all over Victoria involved in the new Digital Technology Curriculum and STEM learning.

In addition to the Next Level Digi Tech Conference BioLAB has been hosting the GDLN professional development sessions, which are aimed at encouraging staff from participating schools to not only get hands on with range of different digital technologies but also develop a better and deeper understanding when designing the scope and sequence for teaching the digital technology curriculum in the classroom.

If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming free professional development network meetings, please contact our Bookings Officer at