Sprinters Gene

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This program looks at how to screen for the ACTN3 Gene (or Sprinter’s Gene) before exploring the concept of gene cloning.

In the first session, students develop a technique to screen for the Sprinter’s Allele of the gene. Concepts covered in this session include:

  • Restriction enzyme digests
  • Gel electrophoresis (both protein and DNA)
  • DNA sequencing

The second session involves students cloning and expressing the Sprinter’s Allele in a bacteria model. Concepts covered in this session include:

  • PCR
  • Restriction enzyme digests
  • Plasmid vectors
  • Bacterial promotors

Students will be hands on through the session and be guided by a mentor in small groups.

Program suitability

VCE Biology Unit 3-4

Program duration

Full day

Class size

12 - 24
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