Throughout term two, BioLAB’s partnership program with the Salt Water Institute was again in full swing.

2019 is the fourth year in which BioLAB have been working alongside students and staff from The Saltwater Institute, developing and delivering innovative educational programs designed specifically for students within the program.

The Saltwater Institute provides an opportunity for students to pursue their love of surfing while embracing educational excellence.

“The team at BioLAB have been so supportive in making The Saltwater Institute such an innovative and educationally sound program. 2019 will be our fourth year with BioLAB, who are now an integral component of our overall program and curriculum design. BioLAB staff are full of energy and design innovative session, using a wide assortment of impressive technologies used to collect primary data on our students. I very much look forward to continuing to build this relationship into the future”.

Sam Magree, The Saltwater Institute Founder

2019 saw students ranging from year 7-10 experience eight individually tailored science and maths sessions showcasing a range of the latest technologies designed to allow students to collect and analyse primary data specially intended to improve surfing performance.

A few snippets from 2019 Saltwater Institute students.

  • “I’ve never really been into math and science but BioLAB has shown me otherwise”.
  • “BioLAB have been amazing at making math and science fun. I’ve really enjoyed how we get to work with our own surfing data”.
  • “BioLAB have brought a new level of maths and science to the table”.

Thank you again to Sam, Hollie and the entire cohort of student from the Saltwater Institute for a wonderful year. BioLAB are already planning for what 2020 has in store.

For any further enquiries regarding The Saltwater Institute, contact Sam at