As Term Three draws to a close we can certainly say that the last two terms have tested and pushed the boundaries with what is possible at BioLAB!

It has been an  incredibly exciting time with the Olympics in London ensuring that normal levels of enthusiasm, questions and interest shown by students and teachers(which is already very high) was magnified! BioLAB was officially booked out in Term 3 and is now booked out for Term 4.

We have great success with programs such as ‘Come Clean’, which allows students to become testing officers at the BioLAB Anti Doping Agency (BLADA), this activity uses introductory chemistry and high grade analysis equipment to identify a number of abnormalities in synthetic urine samples of athletes. There is a bit of storytelling and fun put in the mix as students are introduced to a timeline of sporting achievements and how athletes have tried to ‘get the edge’ over their opponents throughout history.

The response to BioLAB and its programs has just been phenomenal, we are so excited that teachers and students are calling us and emailing us a day after their visit and wanting to know when they can come in again!  Also in an Olympic year we have found that there is an extra emphasis and interest in learning a little bit more about sport and human performance. We see it all come to life with inspiring and engaging programs and staff.

It is such a wonderful priviledge to inspire students and teachers towards a greater understanding of the world around them, to acknowledge that science and mathematics that is in front of you, inside you and around you, these sorts of understandings can only lead to great things.

If you are interested in experiencing one of BioLABs inhouse or Outreach programs in 2013, contact us now! We are taking bookings.