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We have a number of specially designed outreach programs which focus on bringing everything to your schools, we provide wonderful experiences for students and also professional development for staff.

We regularly target various rural regions and are keen to talk to any schools or clusters of schools that would like to have us visit in 2019.


Schools are able to visit our cutting edge facility for an excursion. Either full day or half day. We have a number of fantastic learning spaces and programs which immerse students in a research class environment to inspire and engage in a number of STEM career pathways.

Biolab programs

Primary level Biology, Chemistry and the Human Body

Come Clean - Primary

The human body is capable of many things and we are constantly pushing it’s limits.

Sport Psychology, Mathematical Analysis

Inner Sanctum

Why are some athletes able to perform under intense pressure, whilst others crumble? The Inner Sanctum program delves into the amazing world of sport psychology

Genetics, genotype, phenotype, Athlete profiling

Coded for Success

Are we coded for success? This program investigates the link between genetics and sporting success.

Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Science, Statistics

Beat That - Primary

Beat That! introduces student to the human circulatory system and analyses the performance of the heart during exercise.

Acute Effects of Exercise, Physiology, Data Analysis

Skeletal and Muscular Systems, Cells, DNA

What Makes Me Tick?!

You are a ticking bioscience time bomb! Your body has millions of chemical reactions going on at once - this program explores the wonders of

Sport Science, VO2 Max, VCE Biology, VCE PE

Metabolic Madness

Metabolic Madness explores the way in which we can monitor the human body's response to exercise. This program utilises the latest in performance diagnostics

Biomechanics, Game and Data Analysis, GPS Athlete Tracking

Eye in the Sky

This technologicaly savvy program immerses students in real time data and game analysis. It also investigates the way in which wearable technology is revolutionising human

Biotechnology, Chemistry, Proteins

Come Clean - Senior

Strap on your safety goggles and labcoats, it’s time to enter Biolab’s Sports Testing Laboratory!

Biotechnology techniques, genetic manipulation, gene doping

The Sprinters Gene

Our Sprinters Gene programs are a unique introduction to genetic diversity, analysis and manipulation techniques using biotechnology.

Primary level Anatomy, Physiology, Laboratory Skills

Skin Deep - Primary

What is the largest organ in the human body? A fun filled introduction to your body and the wonders of your skin!


A program that looks at the science and maths of AFL football.

Materials Technology

Athletes are always searching for the edge in their performance. We are seeing a large number of engineers, mathematicians and scientists now working exclusively in

The Winning Edge

A fantastic introduction to university level exercise sciences such as biomechanics, anatomy and physiology. This program is a great preview into exercise, health and medical

Anatomy, Physiology, Exercise Science, Statistics

Beat That - Senior

Beat That - Senior looks at the function of the cardiovascular system during exercise including heart rate training zones and recovery.

Anatomy, Physiology, Laboratory Skills

Skin Deep - Senior

An introduction to the body's largest organ and the role it plays in controlling body temperature!

Spectrophotometry, Standard Curves, Sports Nutrition

Sports Chemistry

Nutrients are paramount to the success of athletes and this program explores the science behind sports nutrition products.

Chemical and Physical Change

Active Chemistry

This program provides a hands on experience in chemical sciences and its application to everyday life.

Science of the Brain, Mathematical Analysis

Brain Matters

You have the most powerful computer inside you - your brain! Explore the anatomy and function of your brain and learn how to get the

Reaction time, Mathematics, Data and Analysis, GPS Athlete tracking

Sporty Science

Sporty Science is all about mathematics in ACTION! Students use their body to generate data sets utilising state of the art technology.

Design based learning, Mathematics, Unit of measurement

Sport Engineers

Did you know that Paper Plane throwing is a sport? Even the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) has played a part in helping Australian athletes

Wearable Technology

Wearable technology has made monitoring our health and wellbeing a part of daily life. But what does all this data mean?

Exercise Science, Data collection and Analysis, GPS Athlete tracking

Sport Science Experience

This program is designed to give students an insight to the applications of sport and exercise science in sporting environments.

Homeostasis, Feedback loops

Body Balance Biology

Our body is constantly maintaining balance between our internal and external environments. This program focuses on homeostatic response in humans and survival in extreme temperatures.

Wearable Tech - Senior

Wearable technology has made monitoring our health and wellbeing a part of daily life. But what does all this data mean?

Biomechanics, Game and Data Analysis, GPS Athlete Tracking

Science of Performance

This program gives an insight into the world of an elite athlete and the way in which they use science and mathematics to optimise nutrition,